My first solo exhibition! 2019

I could not be any more of a cheesin’ bean today, so over the moon to have my work on show in my first solo exhibition at the Grainbarge in Bristol! I took a few snaps to share and I could not be more grateful to the utterly lovely bunch at the Grainbarge. My exhibition is on until 30th September so do feel free to have a browse if you’re in Bristol!

Home Comforts Part 2

With these lovely long light evenings and spring on around the corner I felt super inspired to make another home comforts piece 🌞 Also feels so good to see how far my style has progressed since my first home comforts piece I made last year! Prints coming soon! ✨ 

Home Comforts Part 2. Digital Illustration (2019)

Home Comforts Part 2. Digital Illustration (2019)

Home Comforts Part 1. Digital Illustration (2018)

Home Comforts Part 1. Digital Illustration (2018)

My first solo exhibition!

I’m still a bit giddy to say the least but got the best ever email in my inbox this week with confirmation of my first ever solo exhibition. This means the total world and I just can’t wait to get stuck into preparing all the prints and lovely bits ready for the big day! I’ve made a wee lil poster down below with all the deets for if you feel like dropping by if you’re in the Bristol area!


City of Secrets Exhibition 2019

I’ve been a little quiet on the blog for a little while now as this fab exhibition is what I’ve been squirrelling away for the last month or so! I was so over the moon to be given a place on this group show all around some super interesting and little known facts about beloved Bristol. I had to keep it all hush hush until the night but my prompt was Alfred the Gorilla and his life was just so much fun to illustrate. Who knew his taxidermy form was stolen from Bristol Museum for 3 days as part of a student prank in the 1950s? The night was such a great atmosphere and really intriguing finding out so much about the city and all the fab artists in it! Just the biggest thank you to City of Secrets for having me and for such a beaut evening. Here’s my finished piece I illustrated for the big night and a few snaps from the evening.

Waves - Illustration Wellbeing - a group show

I could not be more thrilled to be taking part in this amazing group show with the wonderful PIP Illustration✨

The open evening will be from 6:30 to 8:30 on Thursday 21st February at Cass Art (Bristol) and the exhibition itself will be open until 3rd March so there'll be plenty of time to come by and have a look at some really lovely work from some fab Bristolian artists! 🌻 Please do feel free to come along if you're in the Bristol area! x


Find my work for sale here.... and snow!

Had such a lovely meeting this week at the Orchard Coffee Co. cafe in Bristol and I have never been in such a beautiful cafe. It has a mezzanine with fairy lights everywhere and some very lovely people too! You can find my work here very soon (we’re talking next week!) so here’s a sneak peak of the beautiful cafe and do drop by if you’re in the local Bristol area!

The Orchard Coffee and Co. Clouds Hill Rd, Bristol BS5 7LA

The Orchard Coffee and Co. Clouds Hill Rd, Bristol BS5 7LA


Also completely unrelated but just as beautiful, it’s a snow day here in Bristol! I hope you stay safe and warm wherever you are and have a lovely day!

2019-02-01 07.23.21 1.jpg

Notebooks Have Landed!

I’ve been looking for a way to diversify my illustrations through different mediums and then I came across Awesome Merchandise who produce absolutely tons of marvellous custom made merchandise! As much as I’d love to make enamel pins, it’s a dream that is best left a little longer as I just can’t afford it at the moment but these notebooks are just as gorgeous! These are 2 of my original illustrations as A6 notebooks with dotted pages on recycled paper which is just fab! I could not be more pleased with them so I hope you enjoy them too, you can find them in my shop!

Art Studio Tour

So I love, love, love watching artists share their workspaces online and I thought to myself, I’m bumbling my way through YouTube now, why not share mine? This is a super short and sweet tour of my art studio and since it’s my favourite place in all the world I’ve been really looking forward to sharing it with you! I’ll pop the video down below!

Online drawing resources + a lil treat for your eardrums


Oh my giddy aunt, this tweet, online drawing classes! Praise be to @joviellety for sharing such a goldmine of online drawing classes with noodles of help with all sorts of aspects of drawing and illustration. I’ve popped a link below which will lead you straight to her golden tweet and all the links to the classes. When you get to the tweet click on ‘show this thread’ and they’ll appear.


And last but not least, a lil treat for your eardrums! Thank you so much for reading and speak soon, feel free to gander my social media links down below.

New illustrations incoming and sketchbook tour!

I do hope January has been treating you kindly and more importantly you that have been kind to yourself in the come down of the month of January. For that reason I wanted to release the first of my new illustrations as part of the ‘mindfulness series’. It’s going to be a series of illustrations focusing on the individual senses to help anyone struggling with ill mental health or just in need of a bit of a pick me up! I’ve really enjoyed mindfulness as part of my self care of late and the emphasis on focusing on the senses in order to live in the here and now and ground that chattering mind. This first piece is all focused around those lovely sounds that can help to comfort, soothe or just please the earholes.

‘Stop and Listen’ (2018) Digital Illustration.

And of course not forgetting my aquarium piece, the second of my new designs coming into my shop this new year! I love this piece and after visiting the aquarium for my birthday last year I just had to get home and illustrate the vibrancy of the coral and marine life. Both these illustrations should be in the shop by next week so keep those eyes peeled!

Aquarium (2018) Digital Illustration

Last but not least, ever such a quick mention to the latest video on my YouTube channel with a tour of my sketchbooks from last year, I do hope you enjoy!

Favourite Art Supplies of 2018

So where did 2018 go, I have no idea! I really hope you all had a super lovely Christmas and New Year whatever you were doing. I made a new video on my YouTube channel all about my favourite art supplies of the year gone by so do feel free to give it a watch down below!

Matryoshka Doll Commission

One of my favourite aspects of being an illustrator is the challenges that come with the territory, so when a dear friend of mine commissioned me to illustrate her two sets of Matryoshka dolls I saw it as a rather good opportunity to expand my skills in illustrating on different surfaces. With my artwork and illustrations I always live by the ethos that the day I’m happy with where I am at, in terms of my development as an artist, is the day I’ll stop trying and then the result will be some rather sub par work! So taking on this commission was definitely an opportunity to just keep growing 🌿

I’ve popped my first studio vlog below with some bits and bobs from the last week of December and the making of the dolls!

Jumping in the YouTube pool!

I’ve been pondering the idea of making studio vlogs for a long time now but I thought with the new year right around the corner, why not? I’m so excited to share studio vlogs, art workspace tours and general artwork progress footage so that you can see what goes into making what I do. Feel free to watch my rather amateur attempt at a first intro video! x

Hi, hey, hello!

Firstly, thank you SO much for stopping by and feel free to take a gander of my little corner of the internet. I am so excited to share my progress and upcoming projects with you through my brain scribbles and keep you up to date with what I’m up to and new designs and artwork! I thought since you can find my art work in my portfolio, it might be nice to do a bit of a ‘get to know you’. I tried so hard to think of ten but I’m sure eight is informative enough!

  1. I am a twin! Alas we cannot mind read each other but he too is a ginger creative bean, working as a writer and journalist and sketching in his spare time, both his charcoal work and his writing are just stupendous so I’ll link his website here

  2. One of my life highlights was meeting the Chucklebrothers. And I died a bit when I got their autograph. I went to their show when I was 8 or 9 and they threw loo roll into the crowd as part of their play and I caught one and kept it as a decorative momento in my bedroom.

  3. I can’t go anywhere without my Nintendo DS.

  4. I just adore Studio Ghibli, my first Ghibli movie was Spirited Away and the rest is history.

  5. I equally adore the U.S. Office and I live for Prison Mike.

  6. I did life drawing in college as my extra curricular and my naive self was not mentally prepared for when the towel dropped. My teacher always asked me why I never drew the male genitalia and I always lied and said I never got round to it.

  7. I’m 25 going on 105 as I love bird watching and everything about birds; their colours, songs and the way they flit about I think they’re fascinating.

  8. I live in bonny Bristol in the South West of England and I’m so grateful to live here, it’s such a friendly and super vibrant city and I can’t recommend it enough as a fab place to live or visit. If you like cider and eclectic marvellous-ness this is the spot.